Legacy Code

Legacy Code revolves around a young boy named Stefan Perez being persued and abducted by a shadowy organization then injected with an experimental serum….only to have Stefan rescued from his captors by an enigmatic cyborg who has his own issues with this organization….which leads to this organization hunting Stefan to retrieve the serum….all while the cyborg tries to protect him. Stefan has been dragged into a war that he will learn about in this story that involves time travel, aliens and super powers.


Upcoming Releases

  • Heroes International

    Heroes International

    After the Zero Event Heroes International was established to help the world with threats too big for any one hero. The only problem is their egos are too big for the team to handle. Will this new premiere superhero team be able to get over themselves and keep the world from falling apart?

  • Vigilance


    After the Zero Event, a new hero rises to the challenge of protecting Earth named Vigilance. Both fated and tasked with living up to the legacy of the world’s greatest befallen hero, Justice, she becomes loved by many, hated by some, and needed by all. She is everything we wanted, but should we trust her?

  • Moros


    A dark tale of a middle aged detective in a corrupt city. He decides to take the law into his own hands and crosses more than a few lines in the pursuit of the greater good.

  • Spirits Destiny

    Spirits Destiny

    Destiny is a normal teenage girl who took it upon herself to be rebellious. After a day sneaking out to hang with her friends, she learns that her choices lead to severe consequences.

  • Stealth


    Get an introduction to the world of Stealth as well the inner workings of Terminus City where Stealth is dedicated to make a difference within this explosive issue.